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Heather J. Paper
Built-Ins Idea Book
Built-ins make a house more functional, liveable, personal and comfortable. A smaller kitchen with well-placed built-ins can be more efficient and inviting than a great big kitchen. A bathroom may become instantly more useful and less cramped with the addition of just one or two well-placed built-ins. And built-ins can claim potentially lost space, say the space under a sloped ceiling or the space under the stairs. They can also fill a space that´s too big or smooth out irregular corners. But with all the information that´s online, why buy this book? It´s not always easy to tell the wheat from the chaff, and then what do you do with it? Built-ins Idea Book gathers lots of good ideas into one place, easy to look through, easy to carry along. It´s an all-in-one resource for not only design ideas but on the pros and cons of the many built-in storage options. Richly illustrated with 260 photos, this all-new edition of the best-selling Built-Ins Idea Book will help readers update, choose, or create the perfect built-ins for their space.

2017. 176 Seiten, 260 photographs, 23,3 x 27,6 cm, Ppb. 23,99 €
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