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Ralph Laughton
A Woodworker´s Guide

Joints: A Woodworker’s Guide takes one of the most important and challenging aspects of woodworking and demystifies the subject of choosing, design and cutting woodworking joints. Strong, appropriate and well-fitting joints are one the hallmarks of the skilled woodworker. Making them properly and accurately calls for good planning and marking out as well as a good degree of care in the cutting, fitting and final assembly. It is essential to approach making joints methodically, this book provides all the necessary information to ensure success. Aimed at both those new to woodworking as well as the experienced woodworker, Joints: A Woodworker’s Guide is broken down into three main sections: planning and preparation, basic techniques of joint making and individual joints in detail. Areas covered include: Planning the work and preparing the wood; Measuring and marking; Cutting and fitting; Glues and assembly.

2018. 176 Seiten, 339 photographs, 21 x 27,6 cm, Ppb. 21,99 €
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