Herrle, Peter

Tibetan Houses

Vernacular Architecture of the Himalayas and Environs


The region of the Himalayas and the adjoining Tibetan plateau is known for its unique and characteristic vernacular architecture and housing culture which is slowly but surely disappearing. The first part of the book analyses 19 traditional houses in the region that respond in diverse ways to the specifics of their location and local climate. The second part presents a comparative study of the construction elements – walls, roof and façades – using photographs and hand-drawn construction details. The newly produced scale drawings provide an excellent basis for comparative review. Detailed plans, atmospheric photographs and informative texts take the reader on a journey through a fascinating building culture.

2017, 1. Auflage, 312 Seiten, 368 b/w and 250 col. ill., 368 Abbildungen, schwarz-weiß, 250 Abbildungen, farbig, Englisch.

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