Meuser, Natascha

Kindergartens and Childcare Facilities

Construction and Design Manual


Building for children has once again be­come a hot topic for architects, particu­larly with the recent announcement of new laws aimed at improving the availa­bility and quality of nursery schools. In recent years, no other building typology has changed and evolved more rapidly than educational facilities for children. Architectural solutions must go far be­yond the structural aspects of the re­spective building: they must also ensure flexibility, safety, and accessibility and account for the current technical, eco­logical, and energy standards. This pub­lication explores nursery schools and childcare facilities from an architec­tural perspective. The aim is to provide a cultural­-historical account of the de­velopment of educational buildings for children, to define design tasks, and to formulate quality standards for play-­learning architecture and environments.

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