Roffael, Edmone

Formaldehyde in nature, in wood and in wood-based panels


In the last decades great strides have been made towards reduction of formaldehyde release from wood-based panels and other wood products. Moreover, elaborated methods have been developed to determine the emanation of formaldehyde. In the recent past emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from wood-based products became also a relevant issue regarding the characterisation of wood-based panels. Intensive research work is now focusing on this subject. The book summarises the current state of knowledge on the release of formaldehyde and emission of volatile compounds from wood-based products. It also brings current information on formaldehyde and VOC in the atmosphere and factors affecting their concentration. Insofar it includes information well behind the issue of formaldehyde emission. After every chapter in the book the relevant publications to the subject are cited. The book, dealing with the complexities of formaldehyde emission and the different techniques of its evaluation, could be useful to all those, who are interested in wood and wood-based products as well as the public at large.

2017, 1. Auflage, 284 Seiten, Englisch Broschur , numerous illustrations, tables and charts, Englisch.

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